In past years WYDAN successfully ran a Roving Night Shelter with the enthusiastic support of numerous religious and community groups. This means of supporting our client group became impracticable with the arrival of Covid 19 and consequent restrictions. Since March 2020 WYDAN have developed other models of accommodation provision in houses and a guest house where our Guests have safe single room accommodation which complies with all current guidelines.

The option of re-introducing the Night Shelter model is being kept under review, but it will not be reintroduced until we’ve identified a means of practically and safely doing so.

“By providing essential safe, warm and reliable bed spaces the Night Shelter meets the most very basic needs of asylum seekers living in destitution. This means that energy which otherwise would have been spent on survival activities, such as finding somewhere to sleep and the next meal, is reserved for fighting their case and seeking specialist support to recover, build resilience and make informed decisions. Without the Night Shelter asylum seekers not in support are at risk of falling further into destitution and many will face devastating situations including trafficking and exploitation.”

Ruth Devany

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