Policies and Procedures

Lead Volunteers Pack

  1. Introduction to the Lead Volunteer’s Information Pack
  2. Being a Lead Volunteer and Organising your Night Shelter
  3. Check List of Requirements for Hosting a Night Shelter
  4. Night Shelter Roles – some guidelines
  5. Night Shelter Volunteer Guidelines
  6. Information on the Shelter Bedding
  7. Possible Answers to Insurers’ Questions
  8. Reports from Previous Shelters: Farsley, Otley, Moortown
  9. Lead Volunteers’ Feedback Form
  10. Example – Risk Assessment Night Shelter Event
  11. Example – Evacuation Procedure St Edmunds 2019
  12. Example – Emergency Numbers Information Poster
  13. Example – Bus Pass Information for Guests
  14. Health Issues
  15. NHS Leaflets
  16. Volunteer Feedback Form