WYDAN has been working to keep the Night Shelter open in this difficult and fast changing times. We have a strong conviction that the Night Shelter should continue as a secure base which becomes even more important for the guests as places where they would normally find occupation and shelter during the day are closing.

Some of our hosts feel they are no longer able to have the shelter as so many of their volunteers are in the at risk categories or their venues have become unavailable. We understand their concern. Fortunately we have been able to secure premises for at least the next six weeks. The next few weeks and beyond will require us to manage the shelter differently as there will be very few hosts to provide volunteers. We will need to recruit volunteers individually from previous hosts, make use of roving volunteers and volunteers who have had experience working with destitute asylum seekers at other agencies. Unfortunately we can not accept volunteers from the over 70’s or those with underlying medical issues.

We will be sending out appeals next week to our networks to ask for specific volunteers at our various locations we have secured.

The next few weeks will make substantial demands on WYDAN’s finances. If you feel you can contribute, our bank details are Unity Trust Bank, 60-83-01, A/c 20323123. Or if sending a cheque, the address is One Community Centre, Cromwell Street, Leeds LS9 7SG.

Please do keep returning to this website for further updates.
Thank you for your continued support for the WYDAN shelter during these difficult times.

If you have any urgent enquiries please email shelter@wydan.org