Dear Friends, colleagues and supporters of WYDAN shelter,

As you will be aware the shelter opened on 20th December 2017.

Last year, over 17 weeks, we hosted

  • 23 individual men
  • provided 398 individual nights of accommodation.

We are currently in our 12th week of hosting and have hosted

  • 26 individual men
  • provided 473 nights of accommodation.

As you can tell from these figures the demand and need for the shelter is high. We would also like to run the shelter all year round. To this end I have attached two appeals:

We will be holding two public meetings and if you think your church or other faith organisation may like to become involved please do come along to either of these meetings. If you are unable to attend either please do email us and we can provide you with further information.

Please do share this email and information with all of your networks, the shelter makes a huge difference to the lives of our guests here are some comments that they recently fed back to one of our host organisations.

“This is the first time I’ve felt safe in a long time.”
“It is good to share food together.”
“I live this day. No past. No future. All is gone. The future? Only God knows. Now is all I have.”
“My heart is warm when I meet good people. A week passes. I have to say goodbye, and my heart hurts.”

Many thanks and warmest wishes