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Supporting destitute asylum seekers in Leeds, working with partner organisations to provide a measure of stability with the aim of helping them move forward

Providing safe and welcoming accommodation throughout the year in well-equipped houses. And also providing safe emergency accommodation through the winter months

Experienced and committed staff and volunteers ensure that the guests in our accommodation are able to access culturally appropriate necessities of life and experience our friendship

Engaging and enabling concerned individuals and organisations to join us in effectively supporting destitute asylum seekers in their times of greatest need

WYDAN Shelter update

WYDAN has been working to keep the Night Shelter open in this difficult and fast changing times. We have a strong conviction that the Night Shelter should continue as a secure base which becomes even more important for the guests as places where they would normally find occupation and shelter during the day are closing. […]

Night Shelter Newsletter December 2019

We would like to take this opportunity to update you on the shelter.

Our shelter continues to run successfully. Opening every evening approximately 6pm – 9am at various ‘host’ organisations across Leeds where our guests receive a warm welcome, evening meal, bed and breakfast. Our Shelter provides a warm welcoming place of safety and sanctuary to our guests for whom for the majority of them the only alternative would be sleeping out on the streets. Since we opened at the end of July we have provided accommodation to 21 individual men, and for most of this time the shelter has been full with no vacancies.