West Yorkshire Destitute Asylum Network (WYDAN)

Improving Support, Increasing Awareness

We are a network of organisations and individuals, in West Yorkshire, committed to supporting destitute asylum seekers by:

  1. Strengthening partnerships, networking and information sharing
  2. Running a night shelter for destitute asylum seeker men
  3. Equipping concerned public to help more effectively, both personally and through existing organisations that support destitute asylum seekers
  4. Increasing public awareness of the facts surrounding asylum seeker destitution


  1. Holding WYDAN partner meetings during the year to share ideas and support, and exchange information
  2. Setting up new partnerships to tackle the issue of destitution
  3. Raising awareness with policy makers about the issue of destitution among asylum seekers
  4. Attending related events to engage people about the issue of destitution. This can include engaging community groups, churches, faith groups, schools, trade unions, political parties and businesses
  5. Organising events at which information is presented and opportunities to commit to helping are provided
  6. Making joint funding applications
  7. Developing a media presence
  8. Signposting service users to appropriate services
  9. Networking is undertaken by NACCOM’s Regional Hub

For more information or to receive regular updates about WYDAN activities please e-mail contact.wydan@gmail.com.