West Yorkshire Destitute Asylum Network (WYDAN)

Improving Support, Providing Accommodation and Increasing Awareness

We are a Leeds based organisation, committed to supporting destitute asylum seekers by:

  1. Providing appropriate accommodation and support for destitute asylum seekers, both male and female.
  2. Strengthening partnerships, networking and information sharing
  3. Engaging and equipping concerned public to help more effectively, both personally and through existing organisations that support destitute asylum seekers
  4. Increasing awareness of the facts surrounding asylum seeker destitution


  1. Acquisition and operation of appropriate housing for longer term needs
  2. Acquisition and operation of shorter-term emergency accommodation
  3. Employing experienced staff and engaging the skills and enthusiasm of committed and trained volunteers
  4. Signposting service users to appropriate services and helping them engage with those services
  5. Engaging in meetings and discussions, both locally and nationally, where others who work with destitute asylum seekers share ideas and support, and exchange information
  6. Working in partnership with other local organisations to tackle the issue of destitution
  7. Raising awareness among our supporters about the issue of destitution among asylum seekers
  8. Attending related events to engage people about the issue of destitution. This can include engaging community groups, churches, faith groups, schools, and businesses
  9. Developing a media presence
  10. Making funding applications and fundraising to enable all of the above
  11. Through active membership of the Leeds Migration Partnership, Housing Justice and NACCOM, keeping abreast of developments in the ‘sector’, public policy and ensuring WYDAN’s services are operated in compliance with legislation and recognised good practice, safely and entirely in the interest of our service users.

For more information or to receive regular updates about WYDAN activities please e-mail contact.wydan@gmail.com